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Welcome to Serein Education Center

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Take the next step to fulfil your career

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Intake is on going for September semester

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We are inviting students for our graduation on 13th December, 2019.

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Peer Counseling is one of our pillars in Serein to give back to the Secondary School going. Madam Daisy is at it

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We have introduced new programmes

Welcome to Serein.
Education Center

Serein Education Centre (SEC) is a one stop centre for personal and professional Development. Serein Education Centre is a reputable private tertiary institution which is especially proud of and grateful to our dedicated alumni and friends, who serve in a variety of capacities to advance the College and our students. Whether serving on our national or county level, contributing to a student scholarship or program, or volunteering for events and programs designed to assist students, such as the Career Extravaganza, the College is able to achieve more for our students with the help of our loyal alumni and friends.

Gift & Talent

Steer your talent to success

As a student taking a course without knowing your Talent or Gift, then you are not different from someone swimming in the ocean without destination. If you are a parent taking your child...

Adult Learning

Your life and work experience is a big asset that can earn you a bachelors or masters degree much soonerSOONER

Why should an adult with many years of Life and Work Experience be forced to struggle with meaningless theories & concepts yet there are modern methods of education.

Talk to us

We also offer Counseling and Drug testing services. Develop anything.

We offer counseling services

We have top notch drug testing facilities both for studies and for hire

Our Partners

We are an Alison assesment & examination center

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The Launch of the new limitless noticeboard

Digital Signage

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