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Why should an adult with many years of Life and Work Experience be forced to struggle with meaningless theories & concepts yet there are modern methods of education. Take a Life and Work Experience accreditation today and gain Advanced Standing in your education. Get exemptions and obtain that degree sooner. You will get very productive advice that may help in improving your business or company.

Why should you squeeze with youths the age of your children in the same class in the 21st century with many options and methods in Education?

As an dult, you are aware that life and work experience xan be converted into Academic that can earn you admission and exemptions hence you get your bachelors or masters degree sooner?

How it works

First of all Visit the centre for Gift and Talent Assesment at Serein Education Centre. Today Gift and Talent test can be done remotely, thanks to the new "microchip" installed in special computers enabling it to seamless communicate with headquaters, hence geographical location does not matter.


Submit CV

Submit CV or have an oral discussion with our staff to produce your portfolio.



Details submitted into special software wich support expert opinion in evaluation of work and life experience.



Report is produced, interpreted by experts and shared with candidates.


Expert Evaluation Reporting

Experts receive details of Step 1, 2, 3 and evaluate professionally and write reports detailing Learning Ability, Learning Products, Assessment Styles, with further useful recommendations as talent and related potential gifts and career forecasts.



Accreditation and credit Transfer takes place based on the report in step 3 above.

Our Partners

The African Council for Adult Experiential Learning

The African federation for the Gifted and Talented

The International Center for Innovation in Education


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