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As a student taking a course without knowing your Talent or Gift, then you are not different from someone swimming in the ocean without destination. If you are a parent taking your child to school without knowing their talent then you are not differet from someone investing in a business he or she has no idea about. And if you are a teacher providing education to a child without knowing his or her talent then you are not differet from a doctir who provides an injection to a patient without any medical assessment. Take a Gift and Talent Test today and foretell your career truly before making investment in education.

In this century, you can know the Talent or Gift of your child in advance and hence the career of that child 20 or 30 years in advance.

Imagine if you knew your career in advance: You would know the right level, right school, right subjects and right course.

How it works

There are “Standard and Ad­vanced” test kits used to find out the ‘symptoms’ then pre­liminary tests are taken before making ‘confirmatory’ tests. The confirmatory tests are completed through a Gift and Talent Test aided machine; a biometric machine that uses safe white light (not an x-ray machine) and used to produce Neural Body Models used by experts to confirm talents.


Software Screening

Special Software with psycho - questions and evaluation tools to improve and confirm step 1 Values.


Machine Screening & Analysis

Biometric Machine Confirmatory Assessment to provide body model with neutral channels and bring diametrics.


Expert Evaluation Reporting

Experts receive details of Step 1, 2, 3 and evaluate professionally and write reports detailing Learning Ability, Learning Products, Assessment Styles, with further useful recommendations as talent and related potential gifts and career forecasts.

Our Partners

The African Council for Adult Experiential Learning

The African federation for the Gifted and Talented

The International Center for Innovation in Education


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