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Welcome to Serein Education Centre

Need a good
education to grow
your career

Fina a course

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Mache Plaza, 3rd Floor Nakuru, Kenya,

Welcome to Serein Education Centre

Need a good
education to grow
your career

Fina a course

Welcome to Serein Education Centre

We understand that each of our students is a uniquely talented individual. Within our supportive community,
students are facilitated to develop positive relationships and grab the opportunity to realize their individual potential to the full.

Our School

We take pride in our famous teaching traditions & achievements. There's no place like in Ademy with dedicated teachers and a friendly environment.

Why Choose Us?

Our school ranked among the top 10 best school for children aged 13-19. In 2022, we have had the honor to receive the compliments from The Queen.

Activities & Club

We have arranged a wide range of activities for our students to discover their talents and fully develop their potentials. We encourage them to never stop improving.


Our certification has a high value of recognition and quality guarantee across the country. Students graduated from Ademy can be immediately accepted by some universities.

About our college

Welcome to Serein
education centre

Serein Education Centre (SEC) is a one stop centre for personal and professional Development. Serein Education Centre is a reputable private tertiary institution which is especially proud of and grateful to our dedicated alumni and friends, who serve in a variety of capacities to advance the College and our students. Whether serving on our national or county level, contributing to a student scholarship or program, or volunteering for events and programs designed to assist students, such as the Career Extravaganza, the College is able to achieve more for our students with the help of our loyal alumni and friends.

Our campus information

We are proud that more than 1000 students from different parts of the country study on our campus

The Serein College experience is demanding but it is eminently rewarding. Here you can follow your curiosity to explore new things, to encounter new ideas and opinions and discover your own capabilities.








High Satisfaction

Are you ready for your
next journey with us?

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Message from the principal

Welcome to the Web page of the College of Serein Education Center. We've designed this site as a way to introduce you to the College Office staff, as well as the wealth of services they provide to students, including academic advising. Although we're amongst the growing middle level college in town of Nakuru, we pride ourselves on the personal attention we afford students. The College advising staff is available to help undecided students determine the major that's right for them, explore career options, schedule classes, and plan ahead so they can graduate on time. Faculty advisors in each of our departments are also available to advise their majors about internships, co-ops, courses, graduate school, and careers as well as talk to them about their long-range aspirations and immediate concerns.

Academic's News


2019-10-17 08:47:37

Go Getter’s Guide To Goal Achievement.

Get clued in on the reasons why you have not achieved the goals you set out to have accomplished


2019-10-28 12:59:45


Winning in life should involve reineventing yourself. Otherwise in the case of nature vs nurture, if you fail to evolve, you stand the risk of extinction in the race that is life! Therefore gain a competitive edge by cultivating your intelligence through studying different courses in line with your passion as you grow your career.


2019-11-20 14:24:32

Simplifying Drug Testing

For you to win a battle, you have to be strategic. One such battle that we are fighting all over the world is the war against the alcohol and drugs scourge. Interested in playing a role in fighting this menace? Become more knowledgeable in drug testing through our 3 day certified course.




Mache Plaza, 3rd Floor Nakuru, Kenya